Najub's Privacy Policy

Najub respect and protect the individual’s privacy. The Najub business is to improve your productivity, and our business is not in any way involved in marketing as a business area (only the marketing of Najub itself). The personal data we collect and use are solely used as a part of your use of Najub.

We collect information about our visitors and users depending on whether they are on a password protected site or not, meaning whether you are:

  1. A random visitor on the public site or
  2. Logged in to a Najub account

1. Your data on the public site

On public pages we collect your IP address and store a cookie in your browser to be able to follow traffic patterns on our website in anonymous aggregated form.

2. Your data on the password protected site

Personal information

When you have created an account on Najub we collect the personal information you have given us. As a minimum, we have your email address and your user name.

On Najub you can save files and other data in different ways. These data is your property. We store these informations on servers in data centres inside the European Union (typically in Denmark). Only the own employees of Najub have access to the data.


Cookies are used to be able to maintain your session while you are logged in.


We log data about your use of the web pages to be able to help you in your use of your account, to be able to debug for problems or to be able to prevent illegal and malicious use of our service.

The safety of your data

All traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted according to bank standards, and can therefore not be read by people, who would like to eavesdrop on the traffic.

We protect our servers against intrusions by the help of different technical means, a continuous update of server software and restrictive access policies.