There are two ways of using Najub:

Furthermore we offer workshops on Version Control and  we develop scripts for customised Version Control work-flows.

For both ways we assume that you don't have more than 100 users in total.

Accounts on

  Creation of groups, per group
1-10 groupmembers 12 EUR/month
11-30 groupmembers 32 EUR/month
31-50 groupmembers 50 EUR/month
50+ Call us
Issue Tracker 3 EUR/month
Each additional 1 GB storage 6 EUR/month
IT support and version control instructions and support 270 EUR/month
Unlimited amount repositories Free

Basis group storage area: 1 GB.

Prices shown are monthly, without VAT.

On-site Installation

An on-site installation follows the same price structure as shown above, and receives the same software upgrades as the cloud version. An on-site installation is installed by us on your own server and there are no storage restrictions on our part. For an installation on your own server there is however an additional one time fee that is shown in the table below:

Installation 600 EUR (one time fee)

An on-site installation is made on a Debian/Ubuntu stable basic server (virtual or physical server) provided by you, that we get root access to.

We connect Najub on your server with our own SMTP-gateway or, if you wish to run emailing (for password updates, invitation of group members etc.) on your own server,  we are happy to configure Najub for it. 


Workshops on Version Control

 You can give your team a head start on their collaboration with two half day (or a whole day) introduction course on Version Control

Introduction course on Version Control 1070 EUR

Customized courses can be arranged based on your teams specific needs. The rate is 107 EUR/hour

Courses are supplied in English, Danish and Italian language.

For locations outside the Greater Copenhagen area a transportation reimboursement will apply.


Development of customised scripts

The version control program allows to start specific actions in connection with some version control events (push, pull etc.). As an example you can automatically make a copy of some or all of the files in your repository to a different folder, where a program might use them to some specific task. This might be useful just after you have pulled the last version from the server.

We develop customised scripts for your specific needs:

Customised development 107 EUR/hour


All prices are excluded VAT.