What You Get From Najub

If you feel that collaborating on multiple files, using emails and email attachments, and standard folders, is a primitive and cumbersome way of doing group work, you are not alone! Najub was created to overcome the shortages of this way of working. 

If you write EU applications, papers, publications, technical reports, and are collaborating with others and perhaps collecting and processing data in spreadsheets, Najub can help you to take the step forward to a professional version control-based work-flow.

By reducing complexity, version control helps you to keep the overview and avoid the risk of mixing up old with new data.

Najub is based on Git - the leading open source version control system - and is the only version control platform focused on us non programmers and the way we work.

When have you last been able to double-click on a Word document or Excel sheet and immediately compare versions? Or when have you last been able to compare the whole content of a folder at two different points in time? Enter version control with Najub.

Version control

Version control is a well known and standardized structured collaboration form coming from the software development domain. Najub brings version control from the IT-world to all other usages of files. With Najub's toolbox and tutorials you can quickly learn to use version control to collaborate with your peers.

Najub Versions makes the whole process of creation of central file repositories (folders under version control on the cloud) easy and straightforward. Connecting your own PC with Najub's repository is also easy. From that point on versioning is fully integrated in Windows.

You will be guided to the working method in simple steps, that right from the start will let you reap clear advantages. All your files are of course secured by encrypting all transactions.

Groups and Repositories

Create a group to give others access to the repositories that you have created within your group. Create one or more groups - each with their own repositories - and invite members simply by writing their email address.

Think of a repository as of a folder with a built-in database. It keeps tracks of the history of changes and gives you and your group members tools to inspect and work with the different versions of the whole folder's content.


Within the group you are able to assign to each user one of four roles depending on whether they only need to read the files, save them in the master branch or other branches or even delete from the repository.

Personal account

With one Najub account you always get a personal account where you can have your own repositories for yourself. Switch among yours and other's groups on a clearly organized menu. The menu shows both your own groups and the groups owned by others that you are a member of.

Mailing lists

For each group you create, you can decide to also create a mailing list by simply writing an address of choice. Each new participant to the group will automatically be subscribed to the mailing list.

You don't need to do anything to manage the list: , if needed, each participant can unsubscribe without your intervention.


Whenever someone adds new data to the repository the users involved will receive email notifications about what has been added. The emails provide a link to a passwordless one-click sub/unsubscription panel.

Productivity Tools

When you and your group will have embraced this way of working there are more tools at your disposal to help you get to the next level depending on whether your project requires them, for example:

  • Merge Requests for groups that need a forum where to discuss each data change
  • Issue Tracker, for a still more detailed and fine grained editing method