Software Downloads for client programs, tortoiseGit with PuTTY

Take advantage of Najub's and your productivity's full potential with professional version control of your files.

Install TortoiseGit and start to work right away making use of Najub and its easy to use, centralized management of your file repositories (version controlled folders) and the help of Najub's tutorials. It's completely free!


You will have just to install the following 2 software packages:

  • GIT for Windows and
  • TortoiseGit. 

GIT for windows installs some basis software, that is required by TortoiseGit, while TortoiseGit is the program you are going to see and work with.


You need to have administrator rights to be able to install.

Before installing you must know: Is your Windows system 32 or 64 bit?

Click on:

Start > Computer > System Properties

and read it as shown below:

Windows 10


Click on the "Start" icon then on the gear (settings) icon


Select "System"


Scroll down and select "About"


Read which system type


Git for Windows

After this you can start installing GIT for Windows (click to download in a new window).

When doing this just choose all default settings.


Then find your version of TortoiseGit below and install it (here too all options as default). The two versions below are the original software, however they are compiled by us to give you a pre-configured version so you avoid seeing a series of commands that you won't need anyway. Should you realize that you miss them, it is easy to get them back (Ctrl-Shift right-click instead of just right-click): 

Version: on 2018-10-30

TortoiseGit 32 bit Windows Installer

TortoiseGit 64 bit Windows Installer


For those interested here is the source of the Najub configured-TortoiseGit

Configure TortoiseGit

After installation TortoiseGit offers to run a "First Start Wizard". Run it now. If you should have missed it you can re-run it at any time from tortoiseGit settings:

  • Right-click on any folder in Windows Explorer
  • Hover over the TortoiseGit icon with the mouse and select "Settings"
  • Under the "General" item find the button to "Re-run First Start Wizard"

Choose default settings for anything but the following:

  • Under "Configure User Information" write your name and e-mail address that you want to show as your user in the logs of your versioning history. It is an advantage to use the same e-mail used to access Najub and your full name.
  • Under "Authentication and credential store" select "TortoiseGitPlink" as SSH client. You won't use a credential helper, anything here will do.

Start to work

When you are finished with the installation, restart Windows and you are ready to try out our tutorials.

From now on you will be able to access TortoiseGit on all of your folders inside Windows Explorer with a right-click on any folder as shown below:


About the software

Git for Windows and TortoiseGit are open source programs that are developed independently from Najub. We host them here, because they are just the best combination for version control on Windows. So much more when working with Word, Excel files and pictures, for which they are clearly superior to commercial programs.

You will find all about them on their own websites:

There are also Git client programs for Apple Mac, but we have not them on our website. If you are using a Mac, Google is your friend.