Work together as if you were one

You need a place on the net where your team can collaborate on their files in a flexible and efficient way. You might not know it yet, but version control with Najub is the answer to your prayers.

Najub is created to give you straightforward and effective version control with Git for your spreadsheet and word processor files (Word, Excel or corresponding open source programs and more).

Najub is a lean service that focuses on version control for teams and rapid setup and management of the teams. Use it now and you won't any longer have to deal with these problems:

  • Mixing up the last version with bits of older ones
  • Editing a final version based on the wrong starting point
  • Going back and forth between your e-mail program and your project folder to find the last, last version of the file your team is working on,
  • Giving up on verifying and validating your contributor's changes because you're on a tight schedule and cannot afford the luxury
  • Fighting with other people's file naming strategy that are cluttering your folders with files in a crazy sorting order
  • People in your team not knowing where to find the file you are working on
  • The chaos deriving from communication happening partly via e-mail and partly via the comments inside the files

With Najub you get:

  • Version control of all types of file
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Windows
  • Tutorials and instructions for easy work flow at hand
  • Quick and easy creation and management of groups
  • Personal versioning and storage  area
  • Access control and encryption of all versioning transfers
  • A friendly support at your disposal for any advice on version control
Read here how Najub can help you and your team, or create a free account right away and start exploring the opportunities on your own. And inside Najub you can always get context-relevant help, by clicking on the icon 

Does your organization requires that files do not leave the house? Order a Najub In-house  Installation: same benefits with 100% control.

Choose your solution

  • Version control of all types of file directly from MS Windows
  • Focus on version control on ordinary spreadsheets and word processor files
  • Easy set-up of repositories
  • Easy set-up of access privileges and transfer encryption
  • Creation of multiple groups
  • Instructions and howtos

Installation on your server

  • Same features as on
  • Same upgrades
  • Your server or virtual server
  • We take care of installation and upgrades
  • Your mailserver or ours
  • Let us hear your special needs

Write to or call +45-61854160 to hear about your opportunities